Azurite Suns are unique forms of Azurite that have been found in only one place in the world – Malbunka Copper Mine, beneath a desert hill in the Northern Territory, Australia. Malbunka is the name of the Aboriginal clan that owns the land.

Azurite is known as the stone of the emotional body, helping to calm feelings of stress, insecurity and fear.

Clearing blocked energy means that Azurite can help you challenge old, or out-dated ways of doing things.

Azurite has also been called ‘Stone of the Heavens’ as it’s believed to aid in the pursuit of enlightenment by awakening psychic abilities and helping you listen to spiritual guidance.

Azurite would be perfect for people looking to increase their emotional strength or work on increasing their vibration.

Dimensions: 25h x 60w x 45d mm

Weight: 67g

The second image illustrates the size of this stone in relation to an Australian $1 coin.

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